Recognition Awards

Now is the time to recognize your colleagues for their contributions to the profession of Occupational Therapy. Please take the opportunity to show your appreciation for their dedication and hard work. All nomination criteria must be followed. Any nominations that do not follow the specified criteria will be rejected.

LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD: Recognition of an individual who has demonstrated sustained and significant contributions to the profession and/or to the practice of occupational therapy in Maryland over the course of a career.

Criteria: 1. Minimum of 30 years of experience in OT

2. OTA or OT

3. MOTA member

4. Two letters of recommendation detailing how the contribution has been sustained over time

RECOGNITION OF EXCELLENCE: Given for outstanding contributions to the field of occupational therapy. This award also recognizes accomplishments in research, education, public relations, recruitment, and administration.

Criteria: 1. OTA or OT

              2. MOTA Member

              3. One letter of recommendation detailing contributions     

              4. Curriculum vitae or resume 

ROSTER OF MERIT: Recognition of a therapist whose knowledge and expertise has made a significant contribution to the advancement of occupational therapy over time.

Criteria: 1. Minimum of three years of experience

              2. OTA or OT

   3. MOTA Member

              4. Accomplishments in communications and organizational service

              5. One letter of recommendation describing impact of contribution

              6. Curriculum vitae or resume

PRESIDENTIAL COMMENDATION: Recognition of an individual who has made a significant contribution to the field of occupational therapy.

Criteria: From a discipline other than occupational therapy

OUTSTANDING PRACTICE: Recognition of a therapist providing excellent treatment in a clinical setting with demonstration of particular skill in application of theory and techniques. 

Criteria: 1. OTA or OT (MOTA membership is not required)

              2. Minimum of two years of experience

              3. One letter of recommendation from a colleague or supervisor to support outstanding practice

EXEMPLARY DEPARTMENT OR PROGRAM AWARD: Recognition of a cohesive department or program that demonstrates accomplishments in program development, quality assurance, communications, and teamwork.

Criteria: 1. OTA, OT, or other disciplines (totaling three or more positions)

              2. Majority of OT staff are members of MOTA

EXEMPLARY STUDENT SUPERVISOR: Recognition of an individual who has contributed to the quality of fieldwork education in Maryland.

Criteria: 1. OTA or OT

              2. MOTA member 

              3. Has directly supervised at least two OTA and /or OT students at Level I or II

   4. One letter of recommendation (e.g., an academic site, a student, a student committee, colleague, OT director)  

EXEMPLARY FIELDWORK SITE: Recognition of a fieldwork site that has provided high quality, creative, and comprehensive educational opportunities to OT students in Maryland.

Criteria: 1. Fifty percent (50%) of student supervisors must be current MOTA members

   2. Must have supervised at least four OT students during the past 5 years, two of which completed their Level II fieldwork in the past 2 years.

   3. One letter of recommendation (e.g., an academic site, a student, a student  committee, colleague, OT director)


Please download and save the Recognition Awards nomination form and open it in Adobe Acrobat Reader or Apple Preview. If you open the application in a web browser such as Chrome, it may not keep the information filled in after you save the pdf. Complete the nomination by typing directly into the pdf. Save the pdf when you are finished and send to Derek Piggott at the contact information in the application, along with any other necessary supporting documents.