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Occupational Therapist (10 Month)

The mission of the Office of Teaching and Learning (OTL) is to deliver high-quality instructional resources, enhance classroom practice and scale effective programs to increase DCPS student achievement and prepare all students for success in college, career, and life. OTL spans four core competency areas:

1. Curriculum;
2. Professional learning;
3. Enrichments and interventions; and 4. Formative assessment.

Team members support school-based staff in implementing DCPS’s existing academic programs while simultaneously working to rethink and redesign school programming, academic and curricular resources and educator professional development.

The Division of Specialized Instruction (DSI) works to provide a high quality continuum of services in an inclusive environment so every student with disabilities is prepared for success in college, career, and life. The division works with schools to design, implement, and monitor programs and supports for students with disabilities.

The Occupational Therapist leads the process in development, implementation, and coordination of the school’s occupational therapy program. Screening, evaluation, educational program and transition planning, therapeutic intervention, and exit planning is provided for students identified with or suspected of having disabilities that interfere with their ability to perform daily life activities or participate in necessary or desired occupations. Professional judgment and clinical knowledge are used to develop individualized programming based on occupational performance deficits in the areas of personal care, student role, interaction skills, process skills, play, community integration/work, and graphic communication. The Occupational Therapist will regularly collaborate with other disciplines and services, as well independently review outcomes and modify intervention programs. Clinical reasoning and professional judgment are essential to ensuring the safety of students and protecting liability of the school and the therapist. This position is a safety-sensitive position. As a result, throughout employment this position will be subject to the Employee Mandatory Drug and Alcohol Testing Policy.

The Occupational Therapist (10-month) will report to the Program Manager, Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Serves as the school-based Occupational Therapist for assessment and implementation of individualized education programs for students with special needs in assigned schools.
  • Develops individualized goals and objectives to facilitate eligible students’ active participation/acquisition of functional performance skills in self-maintenance, academic and vocational pursuits, and leisure/play activities that occur in school environments.
  • Prepares both written and oral reports, and presentations for determining student’s eligibility for special education services.
  • Utilizes direct and indirect services, assistive technology and/or environmental modifications to implement special educational programming to provide for the development of sensory-motor, perceptual, or neuromuscular functioning and emotional, motivational, cognitive, or psychosocial performance.
  • Maintains confidential files which include assessments, reviews, test results, IEPs, documentation of consultations, and Encounter Tracker Forms.
  • Consults with DCPS regular and special education staff, parents, and community resources.
  • Participates in planning team meetings for students and discusses student’s response to OT treatment; makes recommendations to enhance student’s function in other areas; and may makeor recommend referrals to other disciplines as appropriate.
  • Reviews and interprets independently-generated therapy and medical reports; and serves as a resource in reporting findings to other health care and related service providers.
  • Attends administrative due process hearings (and other court proceedings), eligibility conferences,and other meetings.


  • Master’s degree from an accredited university in occupational therapy or bachelor’s degree awarded prior to 2007.
  • Previous exposure to or experience in the education sector a plus.
  • New graduates welcomed.

DCPS Values

  • STUDENTS FIRST: We recognize students as whole children and put their needs first in everythingwe do.
  • COURAGE: We have the audacity to learn from our successes and failures, to try new things, andto lead the nation as a proof point of PK-12 success.
  • EQUITY: We work proactively to eliminate opportunity gaps by interrupting institutional bias andinvesting in effective strategies to ensure every student succeeds.
  • EXCELLENCE: We work with integrity and hold ourselves accountable for exemplary outcomes,service, and interactions.
  • TEAMWORK: We recognize that our greatest asset is our collective vision and ability to workcollaboratively and authentically.
  • JOY: We enjoy our collective work and will enthusiastically celebrate our success and each other.

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