Board Nominee Bios

MOTA would like to announce the two candidates running for the Student Representative position. The term will begin in January, 2021. Members are invited to vote online; please watch your email inbox for details soon. Thank you to both Allyssa and Brittany for stepping up to promote our profession. Best wishes to you both!

Student Representative Allyssa Hothouse OTAS

My name is Allyssa Hothouse and I am looking forward to potentially becoming the student representative for MOTA. I am currently a second year student in the OTA program at CCBC-Catonsville. During my time as a student, I have served as the treasurer for our Students of Occupational Therapy Association (SOTA), creating and managing the budget for student activities, the OT Fun Fair, and the pinning ceremony done at graduation.

I hope to become the student representative for MOTA to encourage the importance of advocacy in current and future students. In the fall semester of 2019, I jointly researched and presented on the PDPM and PDGM changes put into place by Medicare in October, which helped my fellow students better understand what the changes meant for our chosen field. Advocating for this profession is something I take as a personal responsibility, and I enjoy educating the public about everything occupational therapy has to offer. I have encouraged my classmates to join MOTA and AOTA, while explaining all the dedication and hard work these organizations do for our profession. 

As the MOTA student representative, I will offer a fresh set of eyes and ideas for advocacy and patient treatment. I have had life experiences outside of the health care world, providing me with a broader outlook and understanding of the world our patients inhabit. I look forward to speaking to current members of SOTA across the state and being a resource to those members. I could create relationships with the students, and also educate them on what is happening at MOTA and encourage a membership to this association. 

I believe I am a great fit for the student representative position, because of my advocacy history and my passion for occupational therapy. I would be honored to be a voice for students state-wide, and be given the opportunity to learn more about the profession. 

Student Representative Brittany Wagner OTS

My name is Brittany Wagner and I am part of Towson University’s OTD program, Class of 2023. I am a recent 2020 graduate of The University of Maryland, College Park. I received a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and a minor in human development. I was born and raised in Maryland and I am happy to be continuing my education at Towson. My passion for Occupational Therapy began when I was in middle school when I was able to see first-hand how impactful the profession was on my grandparents. As the MOTA Student Representative I would ideally like to advance the profession and advocate for all individuals, especially those who cannot for themselves. I would love to be able to have the opportunity to grow alongside my classmates, future coworkers, and professors. In this position, I would like to bring my organization, communication, and leadership skills. With these skills, I would like to advocate for the profession in regard to helping other individuals understand what it is that an OT really does. I would also like to bring to MOTA my desire to continue advocating for the community and the individuals that reside in Maryland. Being able to share the importance of being a part of MOTA to my fellow classmates and future coworkers is of utmost significance. I hope that I am able to bring a compassionate and caring spirit to MOTA and represent the OT student body, enabling me to advocate on behalf of their needs and future visions for the profession. I look forward to potentially being a part of MOTA and advancing our profession even further.